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 Antananarivo – Andasibe – Antananarivo – Ankarafantsika – Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ranomafana – Isalo – Ifaty – Antananarivo

Birding sites

Analamazaotra reserve – Mantadia National park – Mmaromizaha – Ampijoroa forest station – Lake Amboromalandy – Lake Alarobia – Ranomafana National Park – Isalo National Park –  Zombitse Vohibasia NP – Ifaty



Tour Plan

Meeting at the airport
Transfer to your hotel
General briefing with your tour guide

Day 2: Antananarivo – Ankarafantsika
step: 400kms
driving time: 9hrs

Explore the national park
Habitat: Deciduous western forest, fresh lake of Ampijoroa
highlights: Schlegels Asity, Van dam’s Vanga, White Breasted Mesite, Sickle billed Vanga,

Exploring Ravelobe Lake
Habitat: Freshwater lake
Highlights: Madagascar Fishing eagle, Madagascar Jacana, Purple heron, Green backed night heron, Madagascar kingfisher.

Step: 400kms
Driving time: 9hrs

Visit of Lac Tsarasaotra Alarobia
Habitat: Open water with island and marginal vegetation.
Highlights: Madagascar Pound Heron, knock billed duck (rare), white faced duck, Madagascar cuckoo hawk (sometimes occures at the tall trees at the back of the lake)

Step: 140km
Driving time: 4hrs
Interest: Green landscapes, nocturnal visit
Highlights: Night active Lemurs

Exploring  Mantadia National Park
Habitat: Lowland, mid-altitude, montane rainforest
Highlights: Short legs ground roller, Rufus ground roller, Pittalike ground roller, velvet asity, crested Ibis.
Lemurs: Indri, Black and white Ruffed Lemur

Exploring Analamazaotra National Park
Habitat: Mid altitude rainforest
Highlights: Short legged ground roller, Sunbird asity, Blue vanga, Nuthatch vanga,
Lemurs: Indri Indri, Bamboo Lemurs

Habitat: Mid-altitude and montane rainforest
Highlights: Roufous Headed Ground Roller, Cryptic Warbler, Yellow billed Sun Bird

Step: 340 kms
Driving times: 7 hrs
Interests: landscapes, scenery

Step: 240kms
Driving times: 5hrs
Interests: Wood Carving in Ambositra
                  Observing local activities on fields

Exploring the National park of Ranomafana
Habitat: Mid-altitude and montane rainforest, marshland
Highlights: Brown Mesite,  Blue Coua, Pitalike Ground Roller, Rufous-headed Ground Roller

Explore Vohiparara station
Habitat: Mid-altitude
Key species: Pitta like ground Roller
for Missing species in National park

Step: 320 kms
Driving times: 7hrs
Interests: Anja reserves
Highlights: Ringtailed lemur
                     Highland landscapes

Explore the National Park of Isalo
Habitat: Rocky outcrops, deciduous forest
Highlights: Benson rock thrush,Madagascar Partridge, Madagascar hopoe

Explore Zombitse national Park
Habitat: Decicuous forest
Highlights:  Giant coua, Aperts greenbul, White-browed Owl
Explore Andatabo area
Habitat: Euphorbia scrub forest         

Red shouldered vanga, Verreaux’s Coua, Bended kestrel

Visit of Baobab forest Ifaty
Habitat: Southern spiny forest Malagasy
Highlights: Longtailed Ground Roller, Subdesert Mesite, Red-capped, Running Coua

Visit of National park Tsimanampesotse
Habitat: Mangrove mudflats
Highlights: Littoral rocktrush, Crab plover, Humblots Heron, Pink flamingos

Visit of Nosi ve

Relax time at the nice beaches

Flight back to Tana

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