Nosy Be in Madagascar! Nosy Be means “big island”, referring to the small islands that surround Nosy Be. It’s not that big at all, you can drive around the entire island in three hours! The islands around Nosy Be are also worth a visit. In short, there is more than enough to do in and around Nosy Be! With white beaches, a turquoise sea surrounded by palm trees, it is a true paradise here. While the rest of Madagascar has hardly any tourists and therefore has hardly any facilities for tourism, Nosy Be is completely different! Nosy Be has many facilities. You will find several supermarkets, many restaurants, bars and hotels here. Nosy Be is a popular tourist attraction in Madagascar Nosy Be is an island with many tourist facilities. That is not surprising since you can fly directly to Nosy Be from Italy. This is, therefore, a popular place to visit among Southern Europeans. Don’t worry, the island is definitely not too touristy: it’s not too busy on the island and you can still feel the authenticity of Madagascar here in some places. The beaches here are still empty but have more facilities than other beaches in Madagascar.e by  

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