Tsingy expedition


The Authentic Madagascar
The authentic Madagascar

Off Road & Baobabs Tour

With your Personal Driver Guide Vonjy


                  This tour is one of the top list in Madagascar, it combines the river trip of Tsiribihina, the Tsingy discovery,  and the coastal  off road adventure from Morondava to Tulear, and the famous National road 7, leading to Tana.
            In every step of this tour you will be able to see and feel the authenticity of the island, its divers region and Eco region, various landscapes and scenery, different peoples, tribes, culture, and almost its good food. It also allows you to experience the wild deserts and pristine beaches of the south west coast of the Madagascar.

Tour description


       Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Miandrivazo – Masiakampy – bekopaka – Morondava – Belo sur mer – morombe – Salary – Ifaty – Ranohira – Andringitra – Fianarantsoa – Antsirabe – Tana



Tour Plan

Step:                160km
Driving time: 4 hrs
Road: tarred
Interests: landscape, scenery, handcraft, local lifestyle, : Antsirabe, the rickshaw city, the volcanic lake, the local market


Step: 220km
Driving time: 4 hrs
Road: tarred
Interest: landscape scenery

interest: River trip
highlights: outdoor lifestyle, camping, waterfall

Interest: River trip
Highlights: outdoor lifestyle, camping, waterfall

Step: 120km
Driving time: 5hrs
Road: sandy, bumpy
Interestsq: western landscapes , off road adventure

Interests:  National park of Bekopaka
Highlight: Tsingy of Bemaraha grand tour

Interests: Manambolo river, caves of bats
Highlights: canoe tour in Manambolo river, tsingy small tour

Step:  220km
Driving time: 8hrs
Road: bumpy, sandy
Interests: Baobab scenery, traditional houses, wildlife in kirindy
Highlights: fossa of kirindy reserve, stop in Baobab alley

step: 90km
driving times: 5hours
road: bumpy, sandy
interest: sea side, meeting local people
highlight: The traditional boat factories

interest: observing the local lifestyle, getting closer to people, excursions organized by local
highlights: sea activities, snorkeling,  traditional boat factories, visit of flamingos area

step:  260km
driving time: 11hrs
Road: bad, sandy
interest: road trip  adventure

step:  130km
driving time: 4hrs
interest: baobabs all along the road, sea side
highlight: Beach, one of the best of Madagascar

interest: relaxing, beach, sea activities, excursions
highlights: whale watching (seasonal), the mikea forest

driving time: 4hrs
road: bumpy, sandy
interest: seaside

interests: Isalo national park,lemurs and wildlife
highlights: hiking, visit of the canyon, different natural pools

step: 220km
driving time: 5hrs
highlights: highland’s mountains

interest: hiking
highlights: tsaranoro valley,

Accordion Content

interests: hiking, excursion
highlight: cameleon’s mountain, local village

interests: hiking, excursion
highlight: cameleon’s mountain, local village

step: 70km
driving time: 3hrs
interest: Anja reserve
highlight: Lemurs catta

step: 200km
 driving time: 5hrs
road: tarred
interest: wood carving in Ambositra

step: 160km
driving time: 3hrs
road: tarred



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