The Beautiful Madagascar

This tour is a combination of vacations, discoveries and wildlife. The north of Madagascar is mostly known with the white sand beaches, the excellent diving and snorkeling, a perfect leisure place; most of the people choose the plane to go to north and they are missing out the scenically beauty all along the road from tana, the unexpected parks of  and its wildlife, the understanding of the smiling Malagasy people in their daily life, tasting the local food  in hotely .
This tour incorporate the Amber mountain national park, a typical example of a rainforest habitat, its unique microclimate gives rise to some endemic fauna and flora; the Ankarana National park, known for its Tsingy, an amazing karstic limestone forests , for which Madagascar is very famous ; and Ankarafantsika national park, covered by deciduous forest, a shelter for many endemic birds and lemurs.

The destination of this tour is Nosibe, the big island becomes the best beach resorts destination of Madagascar, because of its tropical climate and its location, the white sandy beach, the blue green seas, and the amazing coral reefs make nosibe number one.
Nosi be is not only known with its beautiful beaches, the island also offers you some amazing diving and snorkeling opportunity, some primary forests and wildlife, lounging lemurs.

This tour allows you to focus mainly to birds, if you are passionate about photographing birds and wildlife, the tour length is flexible, and we can adjust it for your need, because we know that to photography birds requires more times.


ITINERARY:  Antananarivo – Ankarafantsika – Antsohihy – Ambanja – Diego – Nosibe

  • Tour length: 12 days
  • Driving times: 21 hours, 1570 kilometers
  • Interests:Nature& wildlife, Beach & Sea activities,Relaxation,Discovery

Highlights: -TsingyAnkarana-Tsingy rouge – National Park of Ankarafantsika – National park of Ankarana, – Amber mountain National park -Nosibe Archipelago – Diego, Antsiranana and its highlights: merd’emeraude, les 3 baies, montagne des français


Tour length:

12 Days

Driving times:

21 hours, 1570 kilometers


Nature& wildlife, Beach & Sea activities

Day 1: Antananarivo
Day 2: Antananarivo – Ankarafantsika
Day 3: Ankarafantsika
Day 4: Ankarafantsika - Antsohihy
Day 5: Antsohihy – Ankarana
Day 6: Ankarana
Day 7: Ankarana - Diego
Day 8: Diego
Day 9: Diego
Day 10: Diego – Nosibe
Day 11: Nosy Be
Day 12: Nosibe – Tana