The Exceptional Madagascar

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This tour is one of the top list in Madagascar, it combines the river trip of Tsiribihina, the Tsingy discovery,  and the coastal  off road adventure from Morondava to Tulear, and the famous national road 7, leading to Tana.
In every step of this tour you will be able to see and feel the authenticity of the island, its divers region and Eco region, various landscapes and scenery, different peoples, tribes, culture, and almost its good food. It also allows you to experience the wild deserts and pristine beauty of the south west coast of the island.


ITINERARY:   Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Miandrivazo – Masiakampy – bekopaka – Morondava – Belo sur mer – morombe – Salary – Ifaty – Ranohira – Andringitra – Fianarantsoa – Antsirabe – Tana

  • Tour length:  20 days
  • Driving times: :             49hours, 1990 kilometers
  • Interests: Wildlife, Nature,  landscapes and scenery Culture,  local lifestyle, local people meeting, Handcraft tsingy Discovery activities: hiking, snorkeling, diving
  • Extensible for:        Ranomafana national park Andringitra national park Train trip to Manakara

Highlights: Tsiribihina river trip – Tsingy of Bemaraha – Baobab alley – kirindy forest – baobab forest – coastal off road adventure – beaches and sea activities – zombitse national park – Isalo national park,  – tsaranoro valley


Tour length:

22 Days

Driving times:

42hours, 1600kilometers


Birds Wildlife, Nature Landscapes and scenery

Day 1: Tana – Antsirabe:
Day 2: Antsirabe – Miandrivazo:
Day 3: Tsiribihina river
Day 4: Tsiribihina river
Day 5: tsiribihina – Belo sur mer- Bekopaka
Day 6: Bekopaka
Day7: Bekopaka
Day8: Bekopaka – Morondava:
Day 9: Morondava – Belo sur Mer
Day 10: Belo sur Mer
Day 11: Belo sur mer – Morombe:
Day 12: Morombe – Salary:
Day 13: Salary
Day 14: Salary – Ifaty:
Day 15: Ranohira
Day 16: Ranohira – Andringitra:
Day 17: Andringitra
Day 18: andringitra
Day 19: Fianarantsoa – Antsirabe:
Day 20: Antsirabe – Tana: