The colorful Madagascar

The itinerary to the south will take you to explore the best of this island continent. Your arrival is at Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar which is famous for its UNESCO world heritage.

Your next stop will be at antsirabe, the rickshaws city, the journey proceeds to covering some of the traditional market and handcraft workshop which offers you a city tour.

Proceding to Ambositra for its woodcarving.

Ranomafana , explore the wildlife activities in national park and then move on to the village of Ambalavao, for the next day, visiting the famous zebu market and then the reserves for ring tailed lemurs.

Take a long stride to Isalo, Have a full day hiking tour at the national park of isalo, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sandstone rock formation, the natural pool, the picnic inside the park with lemurs.

Moving on to Tulear leads to Ifaty, where your tour will end at the beautiful beach and blue lagoon


ITINERARY:  Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ranomafana – Ambalavao – isalo –   tulear –Ifaty –  Tulear – Antananarivo , by flight

  • Tour length: 12 Days
  • Driving times: 18 hours, 1 220 kilometers
  • Interests: Wildlife, Nature  -, Culture, – local everyday life, meeting with local people, Handcraft,Discovery,Gemstones in Ilakaka, Highland’s scenery, Beaches and sea activities

Highlights: Nature& wildlife in3 national parks: Ranomafana, isalo, Zombitse.Culture and history, Relaxation at the beach


Tour length:

12 Days

Driving times:

18 hours, 1 220 kilometers


Wildlife, Nature -, Culture, – local everyday life,

Day 1: Antananarivo
Day 2: Antananarivo – Antsirabe
Day 3: Antsirabe – Ambositra
Day 4: Ambositra – Ranomafana
Day 5: Ranomafana
Day 6: Ranomafana – Ambalavao
Day 7 Ambalavao – Ranohira
Day 8: Ranohira
Day 9: Ranohira – Ifaty
Day 10: Ifaty
Day 11: Ifaty
Day 12: Ifaty
Day 13: Ifaty – Tana