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This tour is also known as the famous Route Nationale 7, it is a scenic road that runs from Antananarivo the capital to the beach village of Ifaty Tulear. This itinerary is the most colorful, and beautiful, from the green rice-fields, the particular red-soils, the stunning sunset and the blue sea at the pristine beaches of Ifaty.


    Embark on an unforgettable journey through Madagascar’s South and RN7 with a personal driver guide. In this captivating tour, you’ll have the opportunity to witness a diverse array of wildlife, including lemurs, chameleons, and birds. Guided hikes will take you through enchanting National Parks and local reserves, immersing you in the breathtaking natural beauty of the region. Delve into the vibrant local culture as you visit bustling markets and indulge in the flavors of delicious Malagasy cuisine. Take a refreshing dip or go snorkeling in the mesmerizing coral reef at Ifaty, before unwinding on pristine beaches. With your personal driver guide by your side, you’ll have the freedom to explore Madagascar at your own pace and create cherished memories. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure

Tour Description



Tour Length



The RN 7 is a 1000kms that runs from the capital city of Antananarivo to the southern of Madagascar. Along this scenic route, you will discover some of the stunning landscapes, from majestic mountains to vast grasslands and terraced ricefields, from lush rainforest to the dry deserts.
During your trip along the highlands,you will have the opportunity to explore some of the iconic natural and cultural of Madagascar.
You will visit the national park of Ranomafana, a shelter of various endemic animals located in the rainforest of the island, as well as the Anja community reserve, famous for its population of ringtailed lemurs.
You will also discover the charming city of Antsirabe famous for its thermal springs and its handcrafts, the historical city of Ambositra known for its exquisite woodcarvings, the ancestrale culture of the Zafimaniry tribe.
You will taste some of the most delicious and unique of the Malagasy cuisine including the famous zebu meat and green leaves, the romazava.
In addition to natural and cultural attractions, you will have the chance to take part to various activities such as trekking, hiking, snorkelling in the coral reef of Ifaty. Relaxing in the pristing beaches of the south-cost of Madagascar.

Tour Plan

Step:                160km
Driving time: 4 hrs
Road: tarred
Interests: landscape, scenery, handcraft, local lifestyle, : Antsirabe, the rickshaw city, the volcanic lake, the local market

After breakfast, we take Route National nr. 7 to Antsirabe, by private car. A good road through highlands and beautiful green rice fields. Along the way, we can stop to take photos, buy some fruit or crafts and then have lunch. In the evening, we will arrive in Antsirabe, where there is time to walk through the nice town center or take a “pousse pousse” ride around this small town. Overnight at hotel:


Step: 90 kms
Driving times: 2 hrs
Interests: scenery, terraced rice fields, village
Highlights: wood carving in Ambositra

Early in the morning, we go for a small walk along the city, visiting the local market, wich is an hotspot place to observe the local life style.
Along the  road n7, we will be able to visit a village to understand their way of life.
Ambositra,  there may be the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Malagasy meal and see a folk dance at the hotel Artisan. After lunch we can visit some souvenirs shops from the handcraft wood at the local craftshops.

Step:    320kms
Driving times:   5 hrs
Interests:      landscapes and scenery, nocturnal visit in              Ranomafana
Highlights:    mouse lemur, nocturnal visit

We continue driving to Ranomafana. We arrive there before the evening .
Around 6 pm or before: we meet a local guide to show us the nocturnal wildlife such as the mouse lemur, Frogs, Chameleons,

Visit of the National Park Ranomafana
Interests:     hike in the rainforest
Highlights:   nature and wildlife, lemurs

After breakfast, we will drive to the entrance of Park and will start our daytime visit to this beautiful humid tropical forest with the local guides then we admire lemurs such as Grey Bamboo lemur ,Milne-Edwards Sifaka, some birds and insects. The golden bamboo Lemur is the main attraction of this park. Around noon, we will leave this park and arrive at the hotel. We have lunch at the restaurant.

Steps: 120kms
Driving times: 3 hrs
Interests: Anja reserve, city of Fianarantsoa, Ambalavao village
Highlights: lemur catta in Anja reserve, zebu market in Ambalavao (every Wednesday)

Steps: 230 kms
Driving times: 4 hrs
interest: different landscapes highlands and southern Madagascar
                Around 9 am, arrival at Community Anjaha Reserve. Here we have chance to watch troupes of ring-tailed lemurs on the granite boulders. Continuing south the pine trees thin out and the fertile soil of the highlands gives way to drier savannah, cactus, termite mounds and the dust of the mid south. We finally reach our destination late in the afternoon. Ranohira is situated on the edge of the Isalo National Park.

Visit of Isalo National Park
Interests:       hike, scenery, discovery, nature and wildlife
Highlights:      the isalo’s sandstone mountain, natural pools, canyon

After breakfast, we drive to the Parking lot and we will enter the Isalo National Park. On walking; landscapes are literally incredible, you do not believe it , how can wind and water have done all this? After 3 kms walking, we arrive at the natural oasis pool, known as ‘Piscine Naturelle’, Here you can swim, relax and enjoy this beautiful oasis. From here, we have the opportunity to walk within the National Park to Namaza and you see on the side path the sparse dry deciduous forest, including species of dwarf-like Baobab. Arrival at the Namaza campsite, a place where we can have a picnic Lunch. After lunch we get ready to go to ‘Cascade des amoureux’ (Lovers waterfall),swim, relax en enjoy nature. Then back to the campsite and a walk back to the Parking lot, we drive back to our hotel in Ranohira.


Step: 240kms
Driving time: 5hrs
Interests:      semi aride landscapes, baobabs,
Highlights:    Nature and wildlife in zombitse national park

This morning, after breakfast, we continue our journey to the south. The temperature rises as we lose height and head for the coast, crossing the Savannah plain, Ilakaka sapphire village. On the way, we have a short visit in Zombitse Park to discover another species of Lemur and view some nice Baobabs trees as well. Then we continue our trip, we pass by a number of fascinating Mahafaly Tombs. At noon, we will reach the ‘white city’ also known as Tulear. We have lunch at the Restaurant. Transfer to Ifaty and arrival in Ifaty before the evening

beach, relaxing, free activity

You have the opportunity to spend time on the beache, and enjoying some activity like snorkeling if you wish to.

Flight back to Tana

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