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     Madagascar, the eighth continent, the land of Lemurs is a nature lover’s paradise, all naturalists find Madagascar fascinating as a treasure trove of a biodiversity. With an ancient and unique wildlife; it has the world’s highest level of endemism in fauna and flora,. Although it has been known for mammals as Lemurs, birds and its reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants are just as unique.

This tour is focused in Nature and wildlife, by exploring many of national parks and reserves to get closer to an exceptional nature and animals in their natural habitats.
Spectacular landscapes range from baobabs to rice fields, from rain forest to dry deciduous forest give you an opportunity to discover many of the endemic species
 in their natural habitats. 


    Antananarivo – Andasibe – Antananarivo – Ankarafantsika – Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ranomafana – Ambalavao – Isalo – Ifaty – Antananarivo

Tour Plan

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Step: 140km
Driving time: 4 hrs
Road: tarred

Interest: Green landscapes, nocturnal visit
Highlights: Mouse lemurs, sportive lemurs

Activity: hiking
Interests: rainforest, wildlife, Mantadia national park
Highlights: lemur Indri indri , sifaka

Activity: hike
Interests: wildlife, Analamazaotra national park
Hotspots: lemurs Indri, birds

Activity: hike
Interests: wildlife in Maromizaha reserve
Highlight: Lemurs, amphibians

Step: 140km
Driving time: 4hrs

Step: 165 kms
Driving time: 4hrs
Interests: highlands landscapes, craft
Highlights: city of Antsirabe, lake, local market

Step: 240kms
Driving times: 5hrs
Interests: wood carving in Ambositra

activity: hiking
interests: Rainforest, wildlife, national park, nocturnal visit
highlights: Red bellied Lemurs, Black and white dwarf Lemur

Activity: hiking
Interests: Rainforest, wildlife, national park
Highlights: nature and wildlife

Step: 125kms
Driving times: 3hrs
Interests: visit city of Fianarantsoa

Activity: hiking
Interests: Anja reserve
Highlights: Lemur catta

step: 240kms
driving times: 5hrs

activity: hiking
interests: isalo national park

Step: 250kms
Driving times: 6hrs
Interests: zombitse national park
Highlights: dry forests, lemurs, baobab

step: 160km
driving time: 3hrs
road: tarred

Activities: snorkeling, excursion
Interests: coral reef, arid and dry forests
Highlights: nature and wildlife, beaches activities
                     Baobab forest

Flight back to Antananarivo
End of the tour

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