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    You are not so crazy about travelling in groups, or you prefer to avoid structured group tours or public transportation,
You enjoy the freedom to move in your own and explore your way.
You prefer a flexible schedules and focus to your special interests.
Or you JUST love to create and make your own family, friends, solo holiday tour.

With your private car and personal Guide Driver, you can plan each day to suit you and your family best, visit sites at off-peak times to avoid crowds, and enjoy the freedom you can’t get with a group tour.

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Solo Tour

With your personal Guide Driver and Private Car

              Doing an individual tour doesn’t mean that you are alone, but that shows freedom in everything you do about the visits you undertake, offering you more independence.
  You have bigger advantages with a private car and personal Guide Driver that we are affording you because you will be able to organize yourself your time-tables.
  Your Guide-driver who leads your tour advises you about what is better and will consider you as a friend.
  If eventually you suddenly want to change your schedules, you won’t need any authorization for that; the goal is that you appreciate your visits with us and to make you joyful  through your Madagascar experiences as well.
  We help you about the preparations and organizations of your solo tour, and assist you during the trip, till your flight back.
  We have tours examples to give you inspirations or choose an itinerary that we will be pleased to organize you.

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Let's share our passion of Nature

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Because we are easy to work with, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves, we are not pretentious, not prickly.

Local pricing

We don't cost the earth, we are not a big company, we are local, and we know you want to lid on a costs


We make it easy.
You give us your ideas of your own tour, we plan it, we organize the trip and you enjoy.

Eco friendly

We are nature enthusiasts, sustaining local culture, wildlife habitats and Eco system.

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