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    Practical information

    This section will give some of the practical information you may need before departing and while on your trip.


    We also recommend you bring a package of drugs to relieve the small inconvenience of traveling. Similarly, if you follow a specific treatment, it is important to plan your treatment during the stay.


    Climate in Madagascar

    The climate in Madagascar is very varied according to the regions. The Highlands have a mild climate, the West is warm and dry, the East coast is rainy, the North is hot and humid, and the South semi-arid.

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    It is better if you will subscribe to an individual guarantee insurance and repatriation insurance.

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    Taxi brousses connect the different provinces on the national roads; taxis and taxi be (public taxi), rickshaws are the most commonly used means of transportation in the cities and trains

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    The local currency is Ariary and the current average cost is about 4000 Ar = 1 € The official rate is also available on the website of the www.banque-centrale.mg

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    The official language is Malagasy. However, French is widely spoken due to colonization. English is also spoken by most professionals in the field of tourism.

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