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            Experience the ultimate flexibility and freedom on your journey with your Private Driver Guide  in Madagascar. Customize your itinerary to match your preferences, No strict schedules or rigid timetables, just pure freedom to make the most of your adventure in your private 4wd car. Giving you the chance to capture breathtaking landscapes, encounter stunning wildlife, and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture Malagasy!

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Welcome to my page




I am here to help you to plan your Madagascar’s trip, in easy  and reasonable way.
As a fluent speaker of English, Italian, and French, I can offer a personalized and comfortable experience during our journey together. You can communicate with ease and express your preferences in the language you feel most comfortable with.

 As an experienced  TOUR GUIDE and DRIVER GUIDE, I will take you on incredible adventures, exploring the highlights of Madagascar such as nature, wildlife, and local culture. With my assistance, you’ll have the opportunity to explore fascinating landscapes while I drive you in my own 4WD car, which is available for rent.

 Contact me now to discuss your personalized trip and arrange the rental of my car. Get ready to create lasting memories and capture the best of our Island Continent through your lens.

      Well, Let’s get in touch!

Vonjy Driver Guide Madagascar

What people say about my services

From the first email contact to the final farewell, we had an extraordinary experience with Vonjy, and if you are looking for a true ambassador of Madagascar, he should be your choice. Vonjy runs his one-man-business with professionalism and care, and he is dedicated to making your trip as pleasant as possible. We travelled along RN7 from Tana to Ifaty, visiting the main attractions along the way (rainforest in Ranomafana, Reserve d'Anja near Ambalavao, Tsaranoro Valley, Isalo National Park), and Vonjy did not only take care of all the local arrangements and details, but he also explained everything that we saw and wanted to know, be it the land, the people, the wildlife, politics, everything. And in every sentence, you can sense how much he cares about his country and how much he wants to share the beauty of Madagascar with you. During the four weeks that we travelled with him, he was not only our prudent driver and knowledgeable guide, but also a faithful travel companion and a true friend. He was always very patient (especially with our two small children) and accommodating, and he knows every pothole along the road, so that you can rest assured that he will get you safely to your destination and back. In short: the best driver/guide you can have in Madagascar.
KAI Hormann
As a solo traveller, I travelled from Andasibe to Ifaty for 11 days in April 2023. At the side of my wonderful guide Vonjy Valahara, I felt like a small puzzle piece of this beautiful country. Valahara has an incredible knowledge of the country, the people, the history, the fauna, the flora and the different cultures and traditions. Thanks to Valahara, I got to know Madagascar not as a typical tourist, but as a friend. I can really recommend Valahara 100%. Thank you again for everything
Dear Vonjy, We had a wonderful time visiting the national parks in the Andasibe region with you. It was very relaxing and comfortable for us because everything was planned out so well by considering what was possible and our wishes. We feel incredibly privileged that we were able to experience this part of Madagascar and would 100% recommended choosing you and also this national park. Best wishes Gabi and Lisann
Gabriele and Lisann Franz
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Vonjy Driver Guide Madagascar
Benefit lists

Why Choose me?


Local pricing

Enjoy the advantage of budget-friendly rates tailored to the local economy, allowing you to make the most of your travel budget.

Local Expertise

I am a knowledgeable local Tour guide who possesses in-depth understanding of my country's culture, traditions . I will share captivating stories, provide you insider tips. I help you to experience Madagascar from an authentic and insider's perspective.


You can tailor the tour to your preferences and interests, wether you are interested in nature and wildlife, culture, hostory, or just relaxing at leisure place

Safety and Comfort

Traveling with me as a professional driver guide ensures your safety and comfort throughout the trip. Relax in a well-maintained vehicle , ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.


Your itinerary can be adjusted on the go, accommodating your preferences and making spontaneous stops when something catches your eye.


I take care of all the logistic, transportation, navigation, timming, this allows you to relax and enjoy the experience without stress of managing transportation details


Your choice of a personal driver guide directly supports local communities, ensuring that your travel experience positively impacts the livelihoods of the people who call Madagascar home

Eco friendly

I am nature enthusiasts, sustaining local culture, wildlife habitats and Eco system.

Baobab of Madagascar
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Vezo Boy Madagascar
driver guide madagascar vonjy


Make your own Tour!

    Madagascar, a land of natural wonders and cultural treasures, invite you to become the architect of your very own adventure. With its diverse landscapes, unique wildlife and vibrant culture, our island nation is a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch. Create a tour that aligns perfectly your interests and desires, ensuring a one-of-a kind experience like no other.

The colorful

South & RN7 TOUR

This tour combines diverse aspects of Madagascar, from cultural to wildlife. Following the famous Route Nationale 7, the most colorful of green fields, red soils, blue sky and sea.
The authentic

Baobab & Tsingy Tour

Exploring the authentic South west of Madagascar.the region of Morondava, The exciting remote river Tsiribihina, the extraordinary Tsingy and The famous Baobab alley in one trip
The Wonderful

Lemurs & East Tour

This tour is Highlighted by the National Park of Andasibe, in the rainforest, shelter of many endemic animals, the natural habitats of Lemurs,chameleons, and various native plants.
Fossa Madagascar
The Exceptional

Wildlife RoadtripTour

This tour is focused in nature & wildlife, exploring many of the highlighted national parks and reserves, discovering the unique plants animals in their natural habitats, including the Malagasy culture
Pangalane Canal
The Evergreen

East Coast & Lemurs

This tour is focused in nature & wildlife, exploring many of the highlighted national parks and reserves, discovering the unique plants animals in their natural habitats, including the Malagasy culture
Baobab Alley
The Unique

Off Roadtrip & Baobab

This Tour combines the exciting adventure of the coastal sandy road from Morondava to Tulear, the Tsiribihina remote river, Tsingy of Bemaraha expedition, the stunning Baobab Alley, and the famous RN 7.
Chutte Lilly
Lakes & waterfalls

Ampefy & Country Side

Two hours from the capital Antananarivo, to escape the crowd and enjoying the calm and serenity. Observing to understand the local, everyday life of the Merina, wich is the tribe living in the higland. Hotspoted by the Lac Ampefy and the Lilly waterfall.
Train Manakara
The fantastic

Train Trip & Manakara

A cultural and adventure tour. This trip will take you from Fianarantsoa city, passing through the evergreen of the east coast to Manakara. Meeting Malagasy people and observing their way of life.
Nosibe- local tour operator- Native Madagascar Tour
Nosibe beach
The Paradise

North & Nosibe Tour

The world best destination, this tour is Nosibe, the pristine beaches, wildlife sanctuary, natural habitat of lemurs Macaco, the national park of Amber Montaigne.
Journey On with Me
The true adventure is the journey, the destination is a reward!
Vonjy Tour Guide Madagascar

VALAH'Art Photography

Love and Passion
Ranomafana µNational Park - Vonjy Driver guide Madagascar
Baby Lemur Ranomafana
Taxibrousse Madagascar
Village of highland Madagascar
Malagasy people
Rn7 Betsileo landscape
over here, Madagascar
Malagasy woman Betsileo
Lemur Catta / Vonjy Driver Guide Madagascar
RN7 South Tour Madagascar - Vonjy
Piscine naturelle Isalo. Vonjy Valah'art
Lemur catta Madagascar. Vonjy
Chameleon Madagascar
Local market Antsirabe
Betsileo woman's smile Madagascar
Madagascar white eyes. Vonjy
Betsileo Landscape Madagascar
Malagasy house

 MY TRIP MADAGASCAR is a team of professional Tour guide, and Driver Guide, with different specializations. Mostly my coworker and colleague during this long period in tourism sector. We are all in the same enthusiasm and ambition: creating an opportunity to participate in local development through our services. We are dedicated in sustainable and responsible tourism. We are passionate about what we do.
     As locally owned and operated in Madagascar, MY TRIP MADAGASCAR is specializing  in crafting tailor made and private tours package for individuals, small groups of friends and families, as well as solo travelers and specialists. In addition, our tours feature a personal Driver Guide with private car for each group. This means that our guests receive personalized attention and can travel comfortably and conveniently throughout their journey in Madagascar.




We understand that every family has their differents schedules, budgets and desires, when it comes to planning a vacation,that's why we work in a family option Tour that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

               We will work closely with you to create a tailored itinerary that fits your time and schedules, interests and needs, whether you want to explore nature and wildlife in different National Parks, or getting closer to local people to understand the way of life and try the local food, or just want a relaxing holiday at the beaches, we’ve got you covered.

        With our flexible approach, you can choose your activities, accommodations that suit you. Your tour is featuring a private car with a personal driver guide, that allows you to ex^plore the country  with in your own rhythm at your own pace.

         So why not let us help you to plan your perfect family tour?
        Get in touch with us to start your Madagascar experiences.



Solo traveling is an incredible opportunity to explore Madagasccar on your own terms and creates a memories that will last a life time. With our help, you can experience Madagascar and its wonder in a way that you enjoy it.

            We offer a personalized itinerary planning services that matches your time frame, and your travel style. We will work with you to create a custom and personalized itinerary planning to cater to your  unique interests and preferences as a solo traveler.
           Whether you are interested in cultural experiences, enjoying to get closer to the local people, trying to understand our way of life, tasting our delicious traditional food, or you want to spot wildlife in their natural habitats, or your are found of photography, We exist for you, not only to help you planning, but we will also provide you with all the support you may need during your trip. Our experienced native tour guide or driver guide will accompany  you every step of the way, by respecting your travel style.

        So, If you are ready for an unforgettable journey in Madagascar, Get in touch with us.

         See Madagascar through the eyes of a local




We believe that the silver age is the perfect time to travel and explore Madagascar, as a world apart!

   We provide a special attention to comfort, health, and safety for our senior traveler, we prioritize security, convenience for your journey.
   We offer a wide range of accommodation, from luxurious hotels and resorts to private vehicles and private tours.
   As we are a team of an experts tour guide and planners, we will work with you to create an itinerary that matches your travel style and level of physical efforts to explore the wonder of Madagascar, from the towering Baobab avenue, to the exotic wildlife in rainforests, the local traditions and customs, the art and cuisine.
  Your local guide will accompany and assist you in every steps of your tour.
   Our priority  is to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable travel experience with us, our team is available to assist you from airport pick up to the check in and beyond.

Packaged Tours

Native Madagascar Tours offers a wide range of private packaged tours that caters to different interests and travel styles. Our tours are fully customizable allowing travelers to create their own itinerary based on their preferences and budget, some of our popular package tours include

This tour take travelers to some of Madagascar’s famous National parks and reserves, to experience the natural habitats for various fascinating endemic species of animals and plants such as Lemurs, orchids, chameleons,

This tours are designed for travelers who are seeking for an authentic experiences such as hiking to the Tsingy, camping in remote river of Tsiribihina

This tours allow travelers to learn about diverses culture and traditions, including visit of local villages and markets, historic monuments, opportunity to self merging and interact to the local communities,

This tours focus on beaches  on pristine beaches and tranquil island of Madagascar, where travel can relax and experience the paradise.

Work-actions Vacation

This option is for travelers who want to combine their work or passion with vacation. We customize and organize a work vacation for Volunteers, Photographers & Reporters, Scientist researchers, Humanitarian associations, and other professional wishing to profit their visit in Madagascar.



We offer a range of services to help you make the most of your time exploring the wonder of Madagascar. We are on hand to support you in all aspects of your private tour, from the moment you first contact us to after you have returned home.

We plan your tour based on your specific needs,  interests, and your ideas 

We provide comfortable and reliable transportation.
Your tour is always private, with your private car and your personal Driver-Guide.
We ensure all transfers: airport – hotel – airport

We can arrange for lodging, depending your preference. We have wide range of partner hotel.

We organize your local activities such as guided visit in national parks and reserves with our colleague expert guide, pirogue trip, sea excursion, hiking, camping, city tour.

Flexibility & Freedom


Native Madagascar tours practice largely organizing a Wildlife, Birding, Photography and cultural private Road Trip Tour, featuring a Personal Driver Guide and Private Car.

         Flexibility and Freedom are the advantages that offer our Roadtrip Tours, You can take the scenic route and make impromptu photo stop at interesting place, or spending more time in what interesting you, or simply spending a lazy afternoon in the forest camp inside the nature.

   Our Madagascar Road trip are perfect for families, friends, couples and solo-traveler, we will be able to create a specific itinerary that cater to different interests, whether you are photographer, or nature lover, or just enjoying to observe everything and live the country.

   We will help you to plan every aspect of your trip, from accommodation to local activities.

         The journey is just as important as the destination

Journey On with Us!


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